Lombardo Warranty

For a free replacement or repair of parts that are unusable or inefficient due to a factory defect, the product and sales receipt must be returned to the place of purchase.
Liability: The manufacturer accepts no liability or obligations for any accident involving persons or things that may occur due to or during use of the vehicle.
Limitations: The warranty will be void under the following circumstances: if changes are made to the construction, functioning or aesthetic line of the vehicle; if any part of the product has been repaired, replaced or simply disassembled.
The vehicle is not covered by the warranty in the following situations: damage due to accidents or neglect; maintenance based on wear and tear (except for conditions which are clearly due to defects in construction and/or materials) and in all cases of noise, vibrations or deterioration which do not influence the functioning and usability of the product.
Parts not included in the warranty (parts subject to wear and tear): The following parts are not covered by the warranty, except for situations which are clearly due to defects in construction or materials: brake pads, cables, sheaths, lights, handles, seat cover, pedals, chains, freewheels, decals, inner tube, valves and coverings.