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Civi Predator fat tire

First e-bike was easy to assemble handle bars, front tire and pedals. A joy to ride plenty fast enough lots of after market accessories that will fit this bike. Customer service was great would buy again from this company.

I’m 50 feeling 10

Never new a bicycle could make me feel so young again I’m loving it. I’m 5’5” so I was a little worried about seat height but it fits me fine. I weigh 220 and this thing has all the power I need to climb the steep hill all around my ranch. I am well pleased

Nice bike

Packaged very well. Installed following instructions on youtube in 30 minutes and did a test drive, the motor is really powerful and it's easy to get to 20mph, makes me feel like cheating.

I made a silly mistake by installing the handle bar in reverse direction, which caused the front wheel rubbing the frame, removing a lot of paints...need to cover that :(

OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!! As a woman who is 55+ and has not ridden a bike in almost 20 years, all I can say is that this bike brings back all of the wonderful feelings of freedom, youth, fun, etc. As soon as I had it assembled and adjusted (it only took about an hour to have it absolutely 100% complete) I had to take it out for at least a short ride. My legs started getting tired before I wanted to return, otherwise I would have ridden forever. Super comfy seat, the handlebars are perfect since I suffer from neck and shoulder problems, and it is quite easy to adjust. The brakes are super effective and easy to use.

Great Cruiser eBike

delivery was delayed a few days, but everything worked out fine. Bike is great! Looks awesome!

Foot pump

I have not had to use my pump . It seems to be a well made pump for use around house or camp.

Addmotor M-5500 Commemorative Flying Tiger Electric Fat Bik

I received the bike within a week, had it assembled at our local bike shop, they were very impressed with the quality. The manufactures had sent the wrong charger, however Sarah had the correct one here in a couple days. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks for your help Sarah!!

Rambo bike in the mountains

This bike is just fun to ride. I really look forward to each time I get to use it. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it's not perfect. There are a few things that could be designed a little better IMO. I was hesitant to spend the money, but quite honestly this has been one of the best purchases I've made. Makes getting off the beaten path much easier and more enjoyable. Also have snuck up on several deer and turkey while riding, they don't even hear you coming. Just hope I don't do that to a sow bear with cubs.

Thank you to Sarah at Electric Bicycle USA!

We love the bike and we loved the service at Electric Bicycle USA. Our customer service representative was Sarah -- she was so helpful and promptly dealt with all of the issues we had with Joulvert, the manufacturer, who first delivered us a damaged bike and then delivered a second bike with no seat clamp. I would work with Electric Bicycle USA again, but perhaps not the Joulvert brand.

Awesome Bike, Awesome Folks

I bought the Addmotor Motan M150 P7 in Orange color from this site about a month ago. So far, I am very happy with the look and performance of this powerful eBike. Nice job, Addmotor!

Sarah was wonderful to deal with and highly responsive. The level of communications throughout the buying process was commendable. Thank you, Sarah, for being such a kind and pleasant person to deal with. You delivered, as promised. I hope that the new powerful Panasonic Lithium-ion battery lasts a long time. That is my only concern at this time. I will have to ride the bike a bit longer to post any additional credible feedback.

Great first ride. I'm pretty happy.

Just took it for a 25-mile ride around town & for an electric bike, that’s not bad at all. I did a variety of settings to get a feel for it & depleted the battery to a quarter. I tended to coast or turn the battery off down hills, rolled around with just the bike peddling for me some & raced at the max speed. Overall the display for the battery is a little confusing because it seems to indicate draw and power level at the same time. It’s very confusing. All the same, I have sunburns on my arms and while that stings, I also got to cruise around a lot which was pretty fun. Pretty sure that it could run for 50 miles at the lowest pedal assist the whole way, otherwise I’d say it’d reach 50Km easily. However, kilometers is what the thing registers in.
It seems that while it would be entirely possible to pedal past 20mph, & I did, it’s maintaining that for too long that would be difficult. I believe with more exercise that it would be easy. However, this thing goes up hills like it’s nothing. I pedaled up a steep hill that always left me breathless w my mountain bike & I was fine with a mere level 1 pedal assist.

If you’re using this as a regular commuter, while it can certainly make bigger trips on its own, I’d strongly recommend using public transport as a compliment to this. You can probably get anywhere no problem in reasonable time.
You’re not getting the sun and the moon, but you’re getting pretty dang good.

Also, not important, but I caught a lot of pokemon on this thing.

This is a great bike!

Our two bikes arrived yesterday. They were undamaged. This was the best job of packing I have ever seen. They were easy to assemble. However, the instructions that came with them were obsolete in a couple areas; obviously made for an earlier model with only 5 settings for pedal assist and a different LCD. Nevertheless. They are incredible in their quality of construction and the quality of various components. They are truly a credit to your business. We test drove them and found them to be exactly as advertised. I cannot emphasize enough how incredible the overall and specific quality of the bikes is.

Love it

It was amazing, I absolutely love it. This bike has given me freedom beyond my wildest dreams. I also saved so much money on transportation as well. I hope everyone will agree with me. The only thing I didn't like was how some part of the bike seem to not work properly like the boost toggle.

Bent rotor

The front brake rotor arrived bent. While Addmotor would not cover it Electric Bicycle fully refunded the repair bill. I would definitely buy from them again

X-Treme Summit Elite Mid-Drive Electric Mountain Bike
summit elite

Not so elite. Still not working.

So impressed by the power

This bike is a beast! Packed with features and you can feel the power instantly when you hit the throttle. I'm loving it. It also gets attention wherever I go. People are fascinated by the fat tires and sleek look. My experience with Electric Bicycle customer service has been above and beyond as well. Thank you!

I love my E-Joe Gadis Step-Through Cruiser Ebike

Great experience and plan to do business again with Electric Bicycle USA. My bike is amazing and a lot faster than I thought it would be. So glad I bought it.


First, Electric Bicycle USA was excellent to work with. Great communication, the bike shipped THAT DAY, I received the bike in 2 days. The bike itself is unbelievable. Beautiful, comfortable, FAST, very sturdy, I absolutely LOVE this bike. My sister loved it so much, she bought one the next day from Electric Bicycle USA.

Over All Riding Experience

Easy to get on and off and kickstand is great having. Good braking and speed.

Great value ebike

Fun, good value. Not perfect, but not $4000.

Love my new Enzo

I bought a yellow Enzo and am loving it! I called with some questions and they were very helpful and able to take my order over the phone. Shipping was fast. It arrived at my home in New Jersey just a few days after placing my order. Having a blast riding it and get lots of comments on it. Thanks for a great experience. I highly recommend.

Addmotor MOTAN M550-P7 Electric Fat Bike
Responsive, Quick to Help

The purchase process was easy. I had a problem initially with the bike that AddMotor was slow in resolving. Sarah at Electric Bicycle stepped in and resolved the issue as soon as she became aware of it.

I love the M550-P7 bike. The 750 watt motor is more than enough for the long steep hills around here.

Daughter Loves the bike

The experience was great. Easy ordering, good communications and delivery was on time. My daughter is 26 and lives in L.A. where commuting is a problem. This bike gives her the ability to get where she is going without waiting in traffic all day. She says its far more expensive looking than we actually paid for it and would order again

Populo Scout Electric Mountain Bike
Batteries came very well packed and in Great condition.

charging batteries now have not used them yet but the battery that came with my bike at 64 I was able to get 48 1/2 miles on a full charge and am able to get wonderful work out in the process. This is my 2nd purchase and I would buy the bike and batteries again. Both were a great value. Thank again Sarah EBUSA